Our Team

Ryan Kocherhans

Ryan has always craved adventure and been an entrepreneur at heart. He loves what Alaska has to offer in more ways than just fishing. As lodge owner, he takes pleasure in guiding and spending time on the river with his guests. Ryan has been fishing since he could walk and was always found with pole in hand when near any body of water. With lots of experience in the Rocky Mountains fishing, he is eager and excited to share his dream with others and help to facilitate unforgettable Alaskan experiences.

Santos Bonilla

Hello! My name is Santiago Bonilla, and I will be one of your friends in the camp and an innovative, interesting guide on the river. I have been fortunate enough to have fly fished all over the world and have seen some pretty amazing things on the fly. From Bonefish and Tarpon in Belize or the Maldives, to monster mouse-eating rainbows in Kamchatka, and beautiful browns and rainbows eating delicate fly patterns in the Patagonia of Argentina and Chile, I have fished many different techniques and I try as best I can to bring that experience with me to Alaska and the Mulchatna Watershed. Something about the salmon runs in Alaska has always brought me back, and exploring the ecosystems and beginning to understand the cycle of salmon in the state continues to fascinate me. I love to learn and try new things and am always open to suggestions and recommendations, so please, don’t be shy about voicing your opinion. Whether it be fifty-pound king salmon in the beautiful strong waters of the Mulchatna, or big rainbows high up on small mountain rivers, you can always trust me as your net man. I am Wilderness First Responder Certified, so not only is safety a top priority, but you should feel as though you are alongside competent hands in the remote bush of Alaska. I look forward to meeting you and thank you for choosing Alaskan Remote Adventures.

Pat Sands

I grew up in New Jersey with the East coast hustle. Realized at a young age I was meant for more adventurous settings. after finally taking a trip out west my junior year of high school I knew I needed to be out here. So a year after high school I decided to attend a guide School up in Alaska. It taught me very valuable stuff like EMT training, Whitewater rescue, and countless Backcountry skills. But the best part of that had to be the connections I made that finally give me a direction to go out west. the following year I moved to Jackson hole to become a raft guide. This was also the start of my fly fishing. Whenever I get free time away from taking clients down the river. I took every opportunity to fish the wonderful Rivers surrounding that area. it's taught me the skill and passion it takes to be a good fisherman. After my second summer, I travel to Southeast Asia and spent four months on a motorcycle trip exploring and fly-fishing many rivers throughout the region. there is no greater feeling than having an entire village comes to see you do something that no one has ever seen. I was blessed for the opportunity to see and fish these rivers. Even though I never actually became a fly fishing guide, I found myself bringing many new timers to different rivers and showing them the ropes. I love teaching people and seeing the joy in their eyes when they get hooked up. I thought about getting into fly fish guiding for a few years but I wanted to pursue a different career which was welding. Fly fishing is always ahead of welding in my heart.