King Salmon (Chinook)

You will have an unparalleled King Salmon fishing experience if you time your trip right. Ranging in size from 10-50 lbs, they will keep your reel screaming all day long. Generally, they run during the month of July. Limit is 2 per day, 4 per year. We prefer to practice catch and release with these beautiful specimens!

Wild Alaskan Rainbow Trout

The Mulchatna and it’s tributaries provide excellent rainbow trout fishing that almost seems untouched by man. These wild fish run thick in certain parts of our river system. Give them the right offering, and you will have non-stop action.

Sockeye Salmon (Reds)

Sockeyes or Reds run thick in our river starting at the end of June and continuing through mid August. Bristol Bay boasts some of the largest wild Sockeye returns in the world. Often by the time they reach our lodge, they are fully red and spawning. They make for AMAZING pictures!

Silver Salmon (Coho)

Silver’s or Coho start running at the beginning of August and continue through the first part of September. These stunning fish are THICK in the river system and will provide non stop action all day. They are known for their fight and their frequent aerobatics make them an entertaining catch.

Arctic Grayling

Graylings are a high elevation fish with a beautiful markings, colors and fins. Adding some of these delicate creatures in makes for an all around unforgettable fishing experience. Although elusive, they are plentiful in our surrounding waters and can be targeted.

Dolly Varden

Northern Pike

Northern Pike are caught year round at the lodge, but especially common in the earlier spring and late fall trips. Although rare, they can grow quite large. It always adds an amazing twist when you can catch 7+ species of fish in one day, on one river!